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2011 Winning Team:  Foster, Flanagan, Cross and Smith
Stacy Sherman and Coach Shaffer display "winner's jacket" with Hall of Honor Logo
Mary Ann Nall with "Goodie Bags"
Staci Sherman sold raffle tickets
Chic Filet Cow drew winning raffle tickets
Coach Bill Howard "Asks the Blessing" on Dickey's Barbecue
Golfers and Guests enjoy Dickey's Barbecue
Jerrell Clemmons supervising the tournament
Teams signing in
Kyle Craighead and Daniel Jones, teammates from 1981-82
Ronnie Cross
Gary Foster considers using a mulligan
Assistant AD's Jennifer Roland and Joe Pearce

Joe and Jennifer have help put on every tournament to date...thanks, guys!
W C Nix and Coach Howard
Richard Parker was high bidder for golf membership contributed by Woodbridge Golf Club
Honoring Athletic Achievement, Scholarship, Community Service and Character
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Jerrell Clemmons with $1,000 scholarship winner, Audrey Snider
Jerrell Clemmons with $1,000 scholarship winner, Jonathan Wardwell
Red Benson warming up