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First Place Team
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Second Place Team
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Third Place Team
Shelby Valdepena awarded $1000 scholarship
Kalen Winkler  awarded $1000 scholarship
Casey Shewmake awarded $1000 scholarship
Dylan Cook awarded $1000 scholarship

Thanks to
Chad Engbrock, Wylie News
who provided publicity‚Äč

Thanks to 
Brad Walsh, B & E Photography
 who donated team pictures
Thanks to 
Cathy Fowler, Dickey's Barbecue 
who served lunch
Thanks to 
Ronnie Cross 
who auctioned off the six months 
Woodbridge Golf Club Membership
L-R:  Kyle Craighead, Tazz Millis and W C Nix
L-R:  Tommy Pulliam and Phillip Pulliam
L-R: Jerrell Clemmons and Duane Nutt
L-R:  Jerry Cooper and Jerrell Clemmons
L-R: Jason Roan, Eric Ammerman, Jeff "Rook" Ammerman and Garrett Ammerman

Carson Cook
Kelly Nutt and Jason Stokes
L-R:  Phillip Pulliam, Jason Roan  and Eric Ammerman
L-R:  Wylie East Coaches, Sharyn Vernon and Melinda Black
Clay Tatum and Carol Kalenda
L_R:  Gerry Whitt and Mary Ann Nall
Dr. Donna Edge and son, Josh
L-R:  Brian Brazil and son, W C Nix
Brothers, L_R: W C and Preston Nix
L-R:  Jerrell Clemmons and Dennis Morrow
Thanks to 
Dr. Donna Edge 
who checked in the golfers
Bodie and Marcia Coker
Jennifer and Chris Dunlop and Chuck  Edge
L-R:  Coach Bill Howard, Athletic Director Kyle Craighead, Ronnie Cross and W C Nix
L-R:  Chuck Edge Tracy Hall
In Carts, L-R:  Carol Kalenda, Kevin Tinsley, Clay Tatum and Gus Seeger
Jeff Nutt
Team of Ron Starling, S. Smith, R. Madrigal and D. Allison
Rock King and Coach Shaffer
Coach John True
L-R: Mike Kreymer and Kevin Tinsley
Dr. Donna and Mr. Chuck Edge
Mike Chambers
Todd Winters and Daughter
Winning free rounds of golf for 

Longest Drive

Jason Stokes and Grady Neal

Closest to Hole

Ronnie Cross and Kelly Lyons

Gold Sponsors  
Encore Wire  (Daniel Jones)
D. R. Horton  (Derek Ammerman)

Ronnie Cross, Royse Slechta
Bill Howard and Brent Hollensed

Chris Dunlop, Grady Neal
Tracy Hall and Carson Cook 
Sammy Guzman, Dennis Morrow
Mike Chambers  and Rhett Pierce   
Staci Sherman and brother, Scott Watkins
Jerrell Clemmons and grandson, Jeff Nutt
Mike Combest
Scott Goldenberg
Coach Shaffer and Mary Ann Nall
Honoring Athletic Achievement, Scholarship, Community Service and Character