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Interesting Facts about Hall of Honor Inductees

There are 65 members: 49 males and 16 females and 1 team. Total of 66 names on Monument.

Oldest graduate: Sasse 1941

Youngest graduate: Stanley - 2007
Deceased, 10 members: Anderhub, Anderson, Burnett, Cross, Dodd, Nall, Sasse, Seabourn, Thomason, King

Coaches 6, Burnett, Craighead, Dodd, Shaffer, Terry, Ball

Served in Military 10: Anderson, Burnett, Wayne Campbell, R. Clemmons, J. Cross, Dodd, Scott Phillips, Sasse, Seabourn, Skipwith, Truman Tackett

1 Father/Son: James and Ronnie Cross

1 Father/ 2 daughters: Wally Watkins, Staci and Jan

5 sets of Brothers: Clemmons, Craighead, Parker and Thomason, Nix

2 sets of sisters: Dempsey, Watkins

2 sets of husband/wife: Clemmons, Nall

1 set of Twins: Thomason

2 sets of brother-in-laws: Cross and Tackett, Anderson and W. Watkins

6 members from 1 family:  Clemmons, Clemmons, Clemmons, Rowell, Rhodes, Nutt

6 All Americans: Gollahon, Nix, S. Watkins Sherman, Dubin, Johnson, Stanley

1 Navy Seal: Phillips

2 Ministersof the Gospel: Brown, Phillips

Class with most inductees 1982, 6: Ammerman, Barry, Craighead, Jones, Nix, Winfrey 

Inductees by decade of graduation: 1940's 5, 1950's 9, 1960;s 10, 1970's 13, 1980's 12, 1990's 8, 2000's 5
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The Wylie Sports Hall of Honor was established in 1998 by Athletic Director Mark Ballwith the help of a number of community leaders.

Original Committee members were:

Richard Parker                 Geline Dodd               Wally Watkins              Kenneth Craighead  
Anita Collins                     Bill James                   Robert Shirley

Current Board of Governors are:

W C Nix - Chairman              Derek Draper - Vice Chairman                                    - Treasurer               Amy Herzog - Secretary

Red Benson                           Anita Collins                                            Kyle Craighead                            Tami Nauyokas                                                                             
Dianne Stone                         Stephen Pearce                                      Kody Christensen                         Colby Pohlmeir                                                                 

In 1999 a golf tournament was held to raise funds for the organization and has been continued on an annual basis as the organization's principal source of revenue.

A constitution and by-laws were adopted in October of 2004. Since then Wylie Sports Hall of Honor has acquired 501c-3 status with the IRS and gifts and donations to our organization are tax deductible.

The Wylie Sports Hall of Honor has a close relationship with, but is not otherwise connected to or financially dependent on the Wylie ISD. WISD Athletic Director, Kyle Craighead, is a member of the board of Governors and serves as a vital liaison to the school district.

The Wylie Sports Hall of Honor exists to recognize and honor Athletic Achievement, Scholarship, Community Service and Character.

In addition to honoring men and women who have brought honor and distinction to Wylie Sports programs the Hall of Honor currently funds scholarships for athletes from the Wylie Schools.  

To date, 70 men and women and 1 team have been inducted into the Hall of Honor. 
Pirate bus - used by all sports teams for many years...last used on trip to play a regional football game at Fouts Field in Denton...it broke down half-way between McKinney and Denton.  Players and equipment were carried on to game by a variety of travelers on highway 380!
Honoring Athletic Achievement, Scholarship, Community Service and Character
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